N. 7 (2021): Soggetti transnazionali e identità interculturali: il viaggio e il Sud Globale

Transnational Identities and the Global South: Introductory Remarks

Gold Antique Compass

Pubblicato 2022-03-31

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Antosa, S., & Marino, E. (2022). Transnational Identities and the Global South: Introductory Remarks. De Genere - Rivista Di Studi Letterari, Postcoloniali E Di Genere, (7), 1–9. Recuperato da https://degenere-journal.it/index.php/degenere/article/view/167


By focusing on texts written between the beginning of the nineteenth century and the present day, this issue of de genere sets out to explore a multiplicity of written, visual, and intermedial texts by delving into writers’ experience of the Global South (in the widest sense of the term). It aims to show how they have grappled with issues of identity, difference, cross-cultural encounter(s), and belonging. In addition, it explores how the (de)construction of borders, social orders and strategies of control may be accompanied by a more nuanced, deeper understanding of the complex interconnections that link geographical and imagined spaces as well as identities.